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Recipe: Apfelstrudel

In course of the Austrian Cultural Evening Iris tried her best to bake her very first Apfelstrudel with the help of the rest of the kitchen team.

Here’s the recipe: (for 15 people as a dessert)

We didn’t make the dough ourselves but bought 5 packs of filo dough instead
3kg apples
150 g sugar
100 g butter
250 g breadcrumbs
250 g raisins
a little rum
2 eggs to daub the Strudel before baking

Peel the apples and grate them, heat the butter and stir-fry the breadcrumbs, the sugar and cinnamon. Mix half of the sugar-breadcrumb-cinnamon-mix with the apples and add a litte rum. Roll out the dough and put the mix on it. Spread the rest of the bradcrum-mix on it and roll the whole thing so that it is a roll with the stuffing in the middle. There shouldn’t be any holes in the dough - you shouldn’t see the filling anymore. Daubt the whole thing with egg and bake it in the oven for 45 minutes, 180C. Enjoy the Apfelstrudel cold or warm, with vanilla sauce, powdered sugar or however you like it!

“Recipe: Apfelstrudel”