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Sunday, September 10, 2006 by LivingChristiania

Hello my friends!!!

How are you??? It's Teresa and Georg, back home in Barcelona and Berlin. Now three weeks after we left Christiania, we really miss everybody: the workcamppeople, Christianitter, Christiania and of course the bathhouse! Christiania is in any way definetly very different from any other city or society. Eventhough it has a some problems, it is one of the most romantic places we know. Many things work just very slowly and nobody cares, wether you have to wait five hours just for a hammer... But thats just the way Christiania is and after coming home to big cities as Barcelona and Berlin, Christiania seems even more beautiful. We really would like to have another Christiania in our cities, but probably it wouldn't be the same. Beside this, we raelly miss our workcampcommunity. After thre weeks with 15 people in one room to sleepp, you feel really lonely the first night in your own bed. And the first shower alone, without sauna was even more strange. Everybody was welcome and we were welcome at everybody. Just remember Emmerik, Ole, Ole Tibet, the people from woodstock, Old Swinger, the dog with the biggest balls on earth and of course the one and only Jesper...
Well as we said, we look forward to meet everybody again-and maybe we will write another day something more...
Hope you are fine,

Teresa and Georg

Final Dinner at Spiseloppen

Monday, August 21, 2006 by LivingChristiania

Our last dinner in Christiania was special - thanks to Kirsten and the staff at Spiseloppen we got a sponsored meal in this fancy Christianian restaurant. It was a perfect start of the last evening: delicious food and wine, live music and all of us around one table.
Thank you!

Should anyone ever be in CPH, looking for a place for dinner, we can more than recommend Spiseloppen!

What 2 of our work projects look like now...

Sunday, August 20, 2006 by LivingChristiania

Friday - our last day of work - we finished several of our work projects. One of them was the 2nd hand clothes shed (see the entry and photos above) and another one was the Newspaper Wall.

We knew that nothing is everlasting, especially here in Christiania where houses are repainted constantly but still we hoped that our results wouldn't be as temporary as they turned out to be.
Only a few hours after we had finished work the pinkish wall of the shed was "decorated" with tags and last night our wall suffered from somebody venting his anger on it. See the photos!



Funny stuff

Saturday, August 19, 2006 by LivingChristiania

fixing up the 2nd hand clothes shed

Friday, August 18, 2006 by LivingChristiania

Cristina, Anna and Iris used their last day of work to fix up a shed in Christiania where people can put their clothes, shoes and other stuff they don't need anymore and others can take it. In fact, this place is really popular so that you can find some new items there almost every hour. Unfortunately it was pretty shabby and dirty but with "special" tools and bated breath the 3 girls managed to bring everything in order and to clean it. Afterwards they painted the shed pinkish. See the matemorphosis:

Farewells & Welcomes

by LivingChristiania

Last week we already had to say "Goodbye!" or rather "See You!" to some of our group because Theo, Maria and Yuki had to leave us earlier due to work etc.
Fortunately we also got some support: Iris's brother Stefan came to visit yesterday and already helped us at work today.


by LivingChristiania

SANGRIA! (I have to say that there are a lot of diferent recipes)

What do you need?
Red wine
Orange juice (is better if it’s natural juice)
Cinnamon (in branche?)
Peal of lemon
1 cup of gin, cointreau or coignac

What do you have to do?

First of all, you have to mix the wine with the oranje juice (more or less 2 wine per 1 orange juice). Cut the fruits and put it inside. Then you put inside all the other things. Put it into the fridge and that’s it!! (IMPORTANT: You have to prepare the sangria with time because is very important that the fruits give their flavour to the drink and VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Sangria has to be served very cold!)


Showering has never been so good

Thursday, August 17, 2006 by LivingChristiania

Another great invention in Christiania is the bathhouse. In this house you can find an unisex shower and a sauna, which makes it to a unique place in Christiania, because most of the Chritianites don't have any shower. At the beginning some people were a bit scared of this unisex shower, but in fact it turned out to be a pleasure and nobody cares about it any longer. Especially for me the bathhouse became a second home beside fabrikken. In average I spend probably about one hour per day in the bathhouse. For this reason I'm also called the "saunaking". For me the bathhouse and the sauna is more than just a place to take a shower. Especially the sauna is a "hotspot" to get to know people and listen to their exciting stories. I already heard stories about russians, who stay for more than one hour in an icehole to cool down after they had a sauna. Wow, even for me impossible to imagine...
Beside this I also met people who were discussing about Bill Gates and other Hyperbillionaires. In the eyes of thoose Christianites Gates, Jacko and Co. should just give all their money to welfare organisations, so that we could create a better world.
Very funny for me as a german is it to hear danish people talking about german tourists in Spain. They are considered to be mostly fat, sunburned people, who are running round the beach with cameras. What a lifely picture, I can only say, that theese danish guys are quite right...
But not everything that happens in the bathhouse is fun. One day, I also had a very scary adventure in my favourite christianian place. When I entered the sauna, I realized, that it was empty. I was ready to enjoy some minutes of silence, but suddenly the door was opened. An old guy, probably about seventy years old, came into the sauna and said something in german. After a while of thinking, I decided to be polite and answered in german as well. So we began a conversation. Than, the situation became strange. He sat down next to me, we still were alone in the sauna, and started to touch my knee, while he was talking. Damned, the situation was really strange, my friend!!! So I decided to escape and left my loved sauna. It was really strange...
Except this experience, I have to say, the sauna is just great fun. Even people from outside Christiania come here, just for having a sauna.

Georg, Germany

African dance

by LivingChristiania

Today we met Kristen and her tanzanian husband Makumbe in the Opera house of Christiania (which is a tiny, wooden and confortable jazz club) for dancing in the African way. There was Anders to teach us and make us feel the power of the African people.
We have started just singing and making some simple exercices to get the rithm and then we´ve been dancing with the music of the drums played by Makumbe. We were wearing bells in our right ankle so that while we were dancing we were also playing the music.
I think we all had a great time and we all left the Opera house much more relaxed because this tribal dance makes you shout and leave all the tension of your body. Anders made us repeat the same movements for a time in order to do not thiking, just dancing!

Another point of view

by LivingChristiania

On Tuesday we went to visit a politician whose name is Karsten Lauridsen, President of
Youth department because we wanted to know his opinion about Christiania. We discovered another point of view which was very interesting to discuss about but also disapointing because he is not more aware about what happens in Christiania. It seems that the government and police have nothing more interesting to work on, so they want to resolve the "hash problem" in Christiania at all price.
Some years ago, Christiania was known for the hash shops and the huge number of pushers. Police threw them away because they didn´t want hash to be sold in Christiania anymore but the pushers moved to some other places where they can sell not only hash but also hard drugs so the problem is worse for Denmark. But because Christiania is on the media, the government has to do something.
We think that Christiania is a lot more than that: a very special and pleasant place where everybody can express themselves freely. Artists find here a nice place for inspiration and that is why we support Christiania.
Lizi, Delphine & Teresa

Today's Work

Monday, August 14, 2006 by LivingChristiania

Today Yuki, Delphine and Maja continued work in Pusher Street Area where they dug holes again to put up poles in order to make a fence.

Most of us helped in the Grey Hall where there is a lot of cleaning going on. It's so dusty there so that people needed masks! Part of the work there is also rearranging and painting the bar.

Lizi and Maria finished painting the fabrikken door. That's what it looks like now:

Paul, Erik and Iris worked on the Newspaper Wall. We took down the wooden boards and the roofs and started to paint them in black and bright yellow. We also painted the wall of the house in a very light yellow. The next steps will be painting the bottom of the wall in black, finishing painting the boards and the roofs and putting them back on the wall. Also the top of the wall still needs to be painted.

Recipes: [a brief] DIGEST/ing (OF) "ITALIAN" FOOD

by LivingChristiania

[! try to deduce the ingredients from the text below !]
Cut the mushrooms and put them in boiling water for 1 minute. In the meantime fry some garlic in olive oil, then add the strained mushrooms, add salt, cover the pot and let the mushrooms cooking. In another pot fry some minced onion in olive oil, then add the peas, salt, black pepper and wait for them to be cooked. Make some water boil, add salt and pasta (120 grams per each person), cook it for the right time (you can read it on the pack), strain it and mix it with the peas, the mushrooms and some cream. You can add some grated parmesan cheese on the top.
[! once again, it´s an easy game isn´t it? !]
Cut the courgettes (aka, in the US version, "zucchini". But we are not from (FOR) the USA, aren´t we? =) in small blocks. Fry some minced onions in olive oil, add the courgettes, some salt, cover the pot and wait until they are cooked. Fry the bacon blocks in a pan, cook the pasta (now you should know how to do it =) and mix it with the courgettes and the bacon.

The incredibles

by LivingChristiania

Last Wednesday, we had a spanish, polish, german cultural evening. The kitchenteam was Cristina, Teresa, Paul and Georg. For lunch, we prepared some delicious Pierogi, but Paul didn`t know how to calculate the right amount of Pierogi per Person. Finally the kitchenteam had to prepare about 100 Pierogi, which was a way too much. Poor kitchenteam :(….
We spended a lot of time on making Pierogi and so we went wild, making a flourbattle!!!
There was no winner and no looser, but a lot of fun.
Beside this, the spanish girls started to prepare sangria for the evening. With a lot of fruits and wine, they made this traditional spanish drink. The Pirogi got really delicious and everybody enjoyed the lunch. For dinner was a catalan-spanish dish on the plan, “ tortilla de patata” and “pa amb tomàquet”. The preparation took a long time and when we finished, everybody was really hungry. The people liked our cultural evening a lot. It was great!!!

Georg & Teresa

This & That

Sunday, August 13, 2006 by LivingChristiania

lunch in fabrikken

Anna and Teresa at the top of the Round Tower in CPH

Shopping tour to Netto with our trolley and Long John

Teresa, Delphine and Erik in Tivoli

Sarah from Mexico who makes a documentary about Christiania visited and filmed us

Almost all of us

Some of our recent work projects

by LivingChristiania

At the beginning of Pusher Street there is a beautiful area with all kinds of plants and flowers and a snail made out of concrete. We’ve been told that there was a lot of rubbish in this areas which has all been piled up and covered by concrete – the result was the concrete snail with all the rubbish inside. Maria and Erik made this snail more visible by painting it.

Another project we're working on is the Christiania “Newspaper Wall”. It’s a wall of a house at the end of Pusher Street for posters of events or any kind of news. It looks pretty battered, so we’re going to renew it. Because it was rainig so much when we worked there on Friday we haven't taken any photos yet. But they’ll be added soon!

One of our most physical work projects was digging a hole for the water system in Christiania

We’ve also sanded the door of fabrikken and painted it green. (Photos of it to be uploaded soon)

There is a stone pyramid in Christiania that hides a garbage dump. This pyramide is covered by a lot of grass and we spent one and a half days cutting this grass.


This is the blog of us, 15 young people from 12 different countries who are spending 3 weeks at a MS workcamp in Christiania. We're working on several gardening and reconstruction projects, experiencing the Christiania lifestyle and learning about Christiania´s democracy. This site will be our online diary written by all of us.


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